Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steve was extremely excited to go to dance camp at BYU since he didn't go last year. He worked on his car for 2 entire days before leaving, just to make sure he wouldn't have any problems. Halfway there, his car stopped. Oh my! Hours and hours of work and phone calls, and help from others got him there. Dance is his love, so morning til night he was in heaven!
Angela decided to come home with him--though she decided to drive her car just in case he had problems again------which he did. It took them hours and hours longer than planned, so they were very tired when they arrived.
I took a week off work to play, then Angela said she was here to work--on the garage again, for the third year. I objected, to no avail. Trips to the dump, metal recycling, stores, etc. and sand and paint. Calls were made to my friends to get rid of canning jars I've had for 20 years. The end was in sight. Steve took them swimming at the city's new indoor pool, and I got to go to a park and play with Ang and Drew. I laughed so hard I fell to the grass (in fun). Of course, nights of talking became early morning bed, with little sleep. Fun--so much fun to have them here! Brandon flew here to drive her home--and Angela got him to build shelves in the garage before they left. Thank you both so very much! We can actually pull cars into the garage now!
While Steve went to dance camp, I went to a Beethoven concert with Drew and Paul. It was something I've wanted to do for a long time. Drew said--well, it was ok, just not my type of music. Paul enjoyed it even though he couldn't see much. (we sat on the last row of the balcony!)
Drew tried finding work here, but they kept putting him off, so he called, got an interview in Rexburg, and left the next day. I was planning on having him home til January--oh well! He will work until he can go to school again.
Paul is looking into driving school buses for the school district here. He is taking classes and training--ready to test, and get his license. Having his CDL has helped. Monday school was to start, but 17 buses had their tired slashed. Don't know what is happening with them, school, and training.
Well, Curt and Lisa are here--must go! Curt set this up for us, Thanks.